Swimming Pool in Ufa, Hotel Tan

Hotel Tan is happy to offer the guests a nice sports complex with swimming pools, a gym and sauna. We also have children’s swimming pool, so that the guests with kids could fully enjoy their experience. Swimming is one of the best ways or relaxation, it’s fun and healthy!

Swimming pools for children and adults

Hotel Tan features a swimming pool for adults with the size of 8m x 25m and a swimming pool for children with the size of 10m x 10m.

We strive to provide the best for our guests that it is why we use modern means for cleaning water; it is based on the technology of ionizing with silver and copper

Medical cabinet

In order to visit our swimming pool you need to have a medical reference from a doctor. For your convenience we have opened up a medical facility where you can have a medical check up and receive such a reference.

Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Fri from 4 pm till 8 pm; Tue, Thurs from 9 am till 1pm. Sat and Sun are off.

The price of the service is 400 RUB (adults) and 250 RUB (children).

Sauna in Ufa

Hotel Tan also features a nice sauna. It goes without saying that sauna is a great means of fighting with stress and helping your body with blood circulation. Rest your body and soul here!

We have all the necessary things for you: steamer, shower cabins, towels, hygiene items, etc.

Our Sauna can comfortably accommodate 6 people.

Gym in Hotel Tan, Ufa

Hotel Tan is glad to offer a modern gym for those guests that enjoy keeping fit. We have all the necessary equipment for you: weight and cardio-vascular machines.

The gym has all the necessary means for working out and we want to make your exercise experience comfortable and pleasant, so we offer the best.